Fine Handwoven Jewelry & Scarves

Lightweight, one-of-a-kind designs, perfect for weddings, special occasions, evening, or everyday. 

Great birthday, anniversary, or graduation gift.


How is Laura Kass different? 

Jewelry is fashioned for you from exclusive fibers in a multitude of colors and textures. It's lightweight and comfortable to wear.

You can work one-on-one with me to create your own unique and beautiful look and an experience you will always remember.

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What makes Laura Kass necklaces so much fun to wear is that everyone notices them. You feel so admired! Each necklace is unique and wonderful, often blending together beautiful colors and materials, cushioning a semi-precious gem or antique button. The combination of playfulness, delight, and serious fashion is awesome. Thank you, Laura!
— Charlotte
I have a favorite necklace that always draws compliments - my aqua, multi-hued, Laura Kass piece. It is light and comfortable, yet adds a substantial stylish note to so many outfits. Classy, understated, and extremely elegant, Laura’s creations are all breathtaking works of art. And it’s nice to know that my piece is one-of-a-kind!
— Erika